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Molly, a 13 years old female, was referred to by the statutory Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service where she was originally sent by her GP. Her parents were informed by the school that Molly was self-harming after her friends alerted the teachers what she was doing.

Molly is an only child who came to this country with her parents when she was 4. As well as self-harming she has feelings of anger and sadness and feels stressed at school and at home. As Molly and her parents were born abroad they have no other family members living in the United Kingdom; the extended family live in the US and the Far East.

Once Molly realised that the counselling sessions were for her it was like a ‘go’ button inside of her had been pressed. She talked at great length about her Mum and Dad and the difference between their culture and her newly adopted one and how she cannot understand why her parents are so judgemental. As Molly shared her story the power of her experiences, her anger and other feelings filled the room. Furthermore, it was very clear how much she was carrying on her shoulders because she spoke non-stop for nearly the entire 50 minutes.

There have been many ‘light bulb’ moments for Molly as she has unburdened herself in a safe place where she can show her true feelings. She has recognised that she has presented a different image of herself to her parents and friends – and that this has been so unhelpful for her. As she has done this her confidence in her-self has grown and is risking being truly herself with her friends. Molly feels a lot of pressure from her parents and her school to succeed and this has been overwhelming for her. She recognises the need to be ‘good enough’ for them and for herself.

Molly has not self-harmed since she has been come to counselling.

After just 7 weeks of counselling Molly is on an important journey of self-discovery and recovering her self-esteem.

This life-changing work has cost just £315.00 – a small investment which will bring such huge benefit for Molly’s life and future.